Takuma Yoneda

Takuma Yoneda

米田 拓真

  • Chicago
  • PhD candidate at TTIC
  • Reinforcement Learning, Robotics and NLP
  • takuma (at) ttic.edu

I am a PhD candidate at TTIC, an academic institute located on the campus of the Univ. of Chicago. My research interest includes Reinforcement Learning and Natural Language Processing, especially in the context of Robotics. I am now at Robot Intelligence through Perception Lab working with Bradly Stadie and Matthew R. Walter.

I've published papers on LLM x Robotics (ICRA '24), Bridging domain gaps in RL (RSS '22, RA-L '21), RL theory (ICML '23, ICLR '24), and Diffusion Models for Robotics (RSS '23, CoRL '23, in-submission).

In the past, I interned at University College London at Sebastian Riedel's group, and led a project on fact extraction and verification. I also interned at Preferred Networks, Inc. and worked on Deep RL for multi-agent cooperation with communication.

TTIC featured me recently: Takuma Yoneda - Student Highlight

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